SOS On Side

The Official SOS On Side NFT Collection!

The following songs are in the pipeline for an “Official V1 Release” in no particular order. They will become hyperlinks to check them out upon release.

Everyone is encouraged to check them out, feel free to download the tagged mp3s for your library... but only 1 person can truly own the NFT and the piece of me that went into creating these:

Martin Scott Key - Summer
Martin Scott Key - Abbee
Took Bishop - Better Off
Dr. Periwinkle - No Way José
Dr. Periwinkle - You Were Alive
Dr. Periwinkle - The Black Stream (Miss Typical)
Dr. Periwinkle - Pieces
Dr. Periwinkle - ANGEL4
Dr. Periwinkle - (Escape Test At) Launch Tower C
Strong Island Tribe - Lissajous (The Æther)
Definitely NOT Dave - Journey To A Metal World
Definitely NOT Dave - Color Charge (The Loop)
Definitely NOT Dave - Sammi's Little Friend
Definitely NOT Dave - That Works!
Definitely NOT Dave - Annavision
Definitely NOT Dave - Loss Is Gain (Miss America)